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ROD Corporate: growth through acquisitions

Takeovers as a key driver

In order to remain competitive in any global sector, corporations and multinationals need to be acquisitive. Taking out a rival by buying its key assets is one of our client’s preferred strategy. Our team knows like no other how to go about these deals: from planning to execution.

Accelerate expansion

Any mature corporation, with ambitious, impatient shareholders, aims to expand its customer base and geographic reach. Expansion is key here and at the heart of any growth path lies an acquisition. Most often deals are motivated by an opportunity to cross-sell products or penetrate new markets.

Exploit economies of scale

A corporate leverages opportunity by taking over a rival or merging with another market player. Many of our clients are mature companies that move to acquire a young business because the established firm believes it can turn the upstart into a winner by investing resources and expertise.

Lower price competition

Many of our corporate clients turn to us as an acquiring party as they realize that absorbing competitors will reduce price-cutting and provide the entity with more pricing leverage and an increased market share. Moreover, it allows the company to obtain better returns on its invested equity.

Excess cash

Although a luxury problem in today’s markets, some of our clients have strong cash flows and simply sit on a pile of cash from a previous sale or extraordinary results. Putting this money to work is something our global specialists do best: we help clients to identify businesses or assets that can help them to keep market momentum and further boost their volume.

Transform your business

Executives and shareholders that plan for the expansion of their business often find themselves on a path of innovation and transformation. A merger may also lead to a transformed business. For any large corporation, change and transformation are vital if they wish to survive in today’s competitive markets.

Cross-border approach

Needless to say, but for larger corporates and multinationals we take a global approach, identifying takeover targets and acquisition potentials in multiple markets around the world. This requires strategic thinking, and a willingness to head outside of the company’s regular operating region or market, into new geographies or sectors. Global demand could push your corporate to greater heights, penetrating new and emerging markets.

Calculate future and long-term plans

Vital for any M&A venture is a strategic approach, with long-term goals in mind. A clear vision of where a corporate wants to take its shareholders is something Rodschinson can discuss and prepare: key questions about the suitability of acquisition are at the heart of what we do with – and for – our clients.

Plan ahead, stay ahead

The strategic goals for M&A transactions are often time-sensitive, even though talks between different parties can take months, or even years. It is therefore important that a roadmap of goals and deadline is set, so our clients do not steer too far off track.

Practical solutions

Our vast M&A portfolio comprises engagements with smaller businesses, medium-sized investors and other SMEs around the world, with buy and takeover strategies that are based on workable, practical solutions.

Vast knowledge and experience

In order to prepare, oversee and complete large and complex transactions, in a timely manner, our global team of experts all plays their part. We realize that no entity is the same, so it is vital that your advisors have a proper understanding of how your industry or sector works, with key questions being which operational aspects need to be taken into consideration and what a growth model requires, particularly in the medium and long term.

Our range of in-house services

Our global team offers a wide-ranging array of services designed to help corporations reach their full potential, including strategic business planning, corporate finance advisory, business development, market development, wealth creation and preservation, operational management, project development, financing solutions and human resources among others. In a nutshell, our team offers corporations around the world services in financial, strategic and technical areas while identifying their personal goals and objectives.

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Since we understand that you care dearly about your business, our team would be thrilled to tell you more about their investment strategies and client proposals.

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